Palladium's Pendulum: A Third Top in Time and Price?

Palladium topped in 1980 at $350, it topped in 2001 at $1090, or $40 above a triple. Both tops saw a big correction within a parabolic move before ramping 20 percent into the final top. The current chart of palladium has seen a slightly smaller correction, but a rally of similar magnitude off the recent all-time high would carry it to $3000-$3150 area within in the next 12 months and tag the resistance line.
Here's close up of the first top in March 1980. The final pre-top correction took place about 2 months before the finale.
He's a close-up of the February 2001 top. This was a 12-month process. It played out similarly with a rally of more than 20 percent.
Here's the current palladium chart, the second one zoome out to show the resistance line. The high was $2427 on January 23. A quick rally that goes 25 percent beyond that high could tag resistance in April. If it took 12-months, it could rally closer to 30 percent.

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