Rest of World Coronavirus Cases Starting to Rise on Log Chart

I've seen reports that China has begun reducing its quarantine levels in cities down south, but no news headline yet. These cities are still under strict quarantine, but down one level if reports are true. On the other hand, someone in Guangzhou got out of quarantine and then showed symptoms, and now there are 4 people infected.

Caixin: 广州一家人隔离期满后发病 新冠病毒患者个别潜伏期长
Official news disclosed on February 23 that a cluster of new-onset pneumonia families broke out in Liwan District, Guangzhou. On January 22, the day before Wuhan closed the city, a family of six from Pan took a high-speed train from Wuhan to Guangzhou. Until February 21, almost a month later, Pan and his son-in-law were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. The next day, Pan's wife and grandson were diagnosed.
This goes against the news of quarantines easing.

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