Wuhu stops housing subsidy after three days; Zhongshan eases price limits

In Some Chinese cities ease housing policies I covered the small subsidy in Wuhu, Anhui province. This was headline news in China and the Western financial media on Friday and over the weekend, but now it's done.

安徽芜湖购房新政暂缓执行 发布仅3天被叫停

The official line is that they are delaying implementation to research the matter more carefully. More likely, they received a phone call from Beijing.

The other big story is the easing of price limits in Zhongshan, Guangdong province.


All real estate is local, but the government allowed the minimum price to rise from 5800 to 6590 yuan per square meter and turnover jumped after Spring Festival. This could be a positive sign for the market, or if you're skeptical, the price was below market rates and the rise has induced buying by those sitting on the sidelines.

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