Golden Dawn in Catbird Seat

BBC: Greece election: Alexis Tsipras hails 'victory of the people'
Syriza won just over 35%, slightly down on its previous result and still short of an overall majority.

But it will renew its coalition with the nationalist Independent Greeks. Opposition New Democracy gained 28%.

Far-right Golden Dawn came in third with 7%, slightly up on January's poll.
Golden Dawn is the only party that hasn't stabbed Greek voters in the back yet. Golden Dawn is also in a stronger position than the Nazis were before their sudden rise to power.
As for those who are historically ignorant enough to point out that Golden Dawn only won 18 seats in the Greek parliament with 7 percent of the vote and therefore will never come to power, I will type very, very slowly and point out that in 1928, five years before they took power, the National Socialist Workers Party won 12 seats in the German parliament with 2.6 percent of the vote.

Two election cycles. And then you will see an absolute sea change in Europe. And if the EU attempts to entirely abandon even the pretense of democracy in defense of the invasion, the change will come even faster. And harder.
Unless you expect the economy will boom, Greece's debt will be forgiven and the migrant crisis will be solved harmoniously, it would be smart to bet on Golden Dawn eventually winning an election.

More from Bloomberg: Greek Election Triumph for Left Masks Gains for the Far Right
The anti-immigration Golden Dawn party surged in the Sept. 20 vote on Greek islands hit by a wave of asylum seekers from the war-torn Middle East. The support for the far-right group, whose insignia resembles a swastika and which is under investigation by prosecutors for links to organized crime, highlights the potential of the migrant crisis to stoke nationalist forces in Europe.

“The eastern Aegean islands have many angry voters who feel the massive refugee inflow is destroying them financially largely because of the impact on tourism,” said George Pagoulatos, professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. “If the European Union fails to integrate the migrants, that would only raise the popularity and appeal of xenophobic and extreme right-wing parties in Europe.”

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