Renmin University Sees High Inventory Slowing Housing Recovery

Southern News reporter Chen Lei from the bottom of a recent report on developments and strategies National Institute of Renmin University in Beijing show that the real estate market to achieve full recovery, still long way to go.

Since April this year, affected by the introduction of related measures and reduce bank reserve ratio messages, real estate sales and housing prices significantly warmer signs, individual cities (such as Shenzhen) appear strong sales momentum, even with a view of the real estate will be full recovery.

In this regard, China's macroeconomic Forum, held September 26 (third quarter 2015) "issued by the real estate market recovery long way to go," the report said that the current real estate market recovery is still fragile, still mainly in the "de-stocking" adjustment period , new construction and investment in the real estate industry decline has not been checked, four-tier cities and more localized real estate market is facing serious challenges.

...Recovery is weak mainly due to high inventory

The report said, although some areas of real estate to pick up, but the real estate market, the supply of new construction index, real estate purchase land that is looking to be the development of land indicators, the real estate market is still relatively weak. For example, from the National Bureau of Statistics 70 cities year price change indicators, as of June this year, compared to last year house prices still declining, the biggest sales rise in June there was only two cities to achieve Rates year rise. The 100 city price index to see from CREIS (National Real Estate Index System), housing prices fell year on year in the same range of indicators, but the decline has been reduced. Rate hikes present in a certain distance.

The report analyzes that the reason for this phenomenon is mainly the Chinese real estate market inventory levels are too high, the real estate business to the inventory pressure, and therefore widely used "price for the amount" of the marketing strategy and the "steady withdrawal of" development strategy.

iFeng: 人民大学最新报告:库存量高致楼市复苏乏力

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