Pro-EU Politicians Dismantle EU and Pave the Way for Fascism

For the past several years, I have been expecting a breakup in the European Union. It appeared the catalyst would be rising nationalism at the national level, which pan-European officials constantly fought. Instead of embracing the shift in mood and pursing a different political path (as a flexible political system would), EU officials revealed their ideological and class preferences. Nationalist political parties were both rising in public favor and on a collision course with the EU. To predict a poor outcome for the EU was not a stretch.

As far back as 2012, France of all countries was threatening to pull out of the Schengen Agreement if external border controls were not tightened. Tightening external borders would be a way to allow nationalist sentiment to express itself through a pan-European outlet. Instead, the opposite happened. In 2015, the German government nuked Schengen and has set off the unraveling of the EU project. The German government itself has been forced to put up border controls due to its own disastrous policy on migrants.

Bavarian minister says German border controls could last for weeks
"We need to have a stricter control here in general, because we have established in the past few days that there are many en route here that are not really refugees," Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann told radio station Bayern 2.

...A spokesman for German police on the border with Austria said they had arrested around 30 smugglers and about 90 migrants since the controls had been introduced.

Meanwhile, train lines between Austria and Germany reopened on Monday morning apart from one line to Munich, which was still closed because of people on the track, a spokeswoman for Austrian rail company OeBB said.

Hungary calls in the Army: Soldiers given shock powers to use rubber bullets on migrants
The 3,800 troops descended on Hungary's border with Serbia this morning to provide live border guards.

Prisonsers have been drafted in to build 10km of fencing every day.

Tough new powers have been issued by the Hungarian government to deal with the growing migrant crisis amid fears the country could be hit by terror attacks linked to the influx of refugees.

...That will assist the police who will also be given new rights to fight people smugglers including entering homes without official authority and collecting information from abroad.
This is only the beginning and Hungary has already given police the power to enter homes without authority. In Hungary, Orban is a centrist politician, too far to the right for the likes of the left-wing European establishment, but far from the far right Jobbik party. If the migrant flows continue and the governments of Europe continue to act against the interests of the public, eventually the extreme right will return to power, their path smoothed and cleared by far left politicians trying to commit national suicide.

Europe Refugee Crisis: Eastern Countries' Opposition To Migrants Highlights Cultural Split In Bloc
While rallies welcoming refugees took place in Western Europe, demonstrations opposing their presence took place in some Eastern European cities. About 5,000 people chanting anti-Islamic slogans marched in the Polish capital Warsaw, according to the BBC, while in Prague, about 800 protesters carried banners reading "I do not want refugees and Islam in Czech Republic" and "Protect the borders."

...Eastern European countries, unlike their western counterparts, are largely ethnically and religiously homogenous, and have little experience in integrating migrants from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds into their societies. Poland, for example, is 98 percent white and 94 percent Catholic.

“The countries that have very little diversity are some of the most virulently against refugees,” said Andrew Stroehlein, European media director for Human Rights Watch, told the New York Times.
Except France and Germany have no experience. France and Germany have not integrated Muslim immigrants for decades and when the numbers are large enough, even the United States and United Kingdom fail at assimilation.

German police suspect arson attack on refugee center
A gym intended as an emergency shelter for refugees burned to the ground outside Berlin early Tuesday, police said.

Brandenburg state police said the fire in Nauen — about 9 miles west of Germany's capital — was probably deliberately started.


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