Liu Junluo: Fed Needs EM Currency Crash to Justify QE4; Rate Hike Talk A Giant Scam

The talk of a rate hike was a giant scam designed to push the U.S. dollar much higher in order to prepare for the ensuing drop when QE4 is announced.

Liu discusses how he said the Fed would never hike rates. The Fed said it would hike in March, then pushed in back to June, then September, now maybe year end. The Fed may push it back to N months later going forward.

Liu explains his thinking. It begins with 9 trillion in USD denominated debt that must be rolled or repaid.
First, businesses should master the basic professional knowledge. And this line of business of the global financial world, during the end of the year, are global banking settlement and global bond market liquidity worst time. In this way, you should also know, from 2009, the Federal Reserve launched successive 3 times QE , the global market had a lot of dollars arbitrage traders, most of them concentrated in China and emerging markets. At present, their size up to nearly 9 trillion. Chinese market of about 1.5 trillion US dollars. So, until 2015 years later, a lot of dollars arbitrage traders must return to the United States.

Therefore, the Fed's Yellen 2015, will raise interest rates later this lie is so vulnerable. Because 2015 years later in China and emerging markets will face unprecedented retreat dollar arbitrage traders. So, 2015 years later in RMB and emerging market currencies will fall into a catastrophic collapse. By then, the Fed's Yellen will talk about the cat crying mouse - because, the renminbi and the crisis in emerging market currencies, so the Fed will not raise interest rates, ready to launch QE4 to save the world.
The Fed is creating global debt destruction, in order to ride to the rescue with QE4.

The catastrophic time will be November to December. The PBOC will work hard to put down "the Boxer Rebels" between now and then, aka crush the nationalist Chinese holding RMB.

Liu says Boehner's resignation will push the debt ceiling battle from October to December. America will allow China into the SDR as a way to destroy the value of the yuan. The closing of the Export-Import Bank in America has led to massive layoffs at HP and Caterpillar. Europe and Japan are reading new salvos in the currency war.

Liu closes by saying that China's ignorance of globalization and financial warfare dooms it again, just like the Ming and Qing dynasties.
China has been the fate of the world's superpower. However, the fate of the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty only shows that globalization is the most fatal weakness of ignorance Chinese. Now, with the Fed rate hike expectations deceived us to a more than a year's time. Today, that fool would think, I would go cheated several times. Today, however, the Chinese market is still talking about the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates farce. Today's world is full of shadow banking and arbitrage traders, we do not grasp the modern "financial weapons", we can only be used modern "financial weapons" massacre.

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