Tianjin Explosion Homeowners Offered 130% of Value as Settlement

Homeowners are being offered a one-time settlement of 130% of the value of the home on the day before the explosion.

With the damaged houses assessment agencies will vote, Tianjin Port explosion damaged houses dispose entered a substantive stage. Reporter on the 8th learned from the Tianjin Binhai New Area Government, the choice of the acquisition of housing owners, the purchase price will be executed in accordance with prices 1.3 times.

Binhai New Area government personnel, the impact of the explosion damaged houses, owners of select acquisitions, according to the August 11 to assess the market price of the valuation date with the residents to purchase housing contract price compared to the high value multiplied by 1.3 to determine the acquisition price, which "0.3" times is another one-time fee for their comprehensive compensation.

Owners have chosen the way of the acquisition, the original purchase price of the damaged residential houses donated factors contained area, the house price also includes a housing area to assess the factors presented and, therefore, without further payment.

iFeng: 天津爆炸事故受损房屋按房价1.3倍收购 先还清贷款

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