The Porkpocalypse:Pork Prices Rise 7.7% in August, Up 19.6% YoY

China's consumer price inflation rose 2.0% yoy in August; 0.5% mom. This is not monetary inflation; it is all due to a spike pork and vegetables.

The rising prices are all in food, due to rising pork (first chart blue line) and vegetable prices (second chart blue line).

Year on year price increases are led by food and the baijiu/cigarette category, two staples in China's consumer economy.

The one month chart makes it clear that rising prices are all about the pork and veggies though! Stop eating the 猪肉白菜饺子 and all will be well. The category up 1.6% in August is food.

Pork alone was up 7.7% in August and 19.6% yoy. Veggies were up 6.8% in August and 15.9% yoy.

NBS: 2015年8月份居民消费价格同比上涨2.0%

Prior coverage of the Porkpocalypse below. The two prior pork rallies lasted 20 months and 8 months, respectively. As of August, this pork rally is now in its 7th month.

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