China Steel Capacity Utilization Soars

China's steel production is still rising into May, with capacity utilization soaring more than 20 percentage points over 2015 levels:
Below 67% of capacity utilization in 2015 crude steel production fell 2.2% over 2014, and 2.2 percent behind the price all the way down the steel industry, steel prices fell throughout the year the tragic called the biggest this year, iron and steel enterprises are operating the way defeated, into a situation of comprehensive loss.

And in 2015 67% of capacity utilization in contrast is a set of the latest statistics from the United Steel. Into the third week of May this year, into the statistics of 242 domestic volume Blast Furnace capacity utilization rate 88.84%, which rose to 89.18% in North China, Northeast China rose to 93.75%, Central South to 99.54%, central, east, southwest and northwest steady . Whether operating rate or volume rate, since this year has been rising month to month.
EO: 最严政策遭遇最猛复产 中国式钢铁去产能困境

This is more bad news when it comes to trade disputes, but Xinhua offered this satire to bring some levity to the subject: China not to blame for crisis in U.S. steel industry
Under the impact of a weak global economy, China's steel industry is itself suffering from the problem of excess capacity. However, instead of dumping steel on other countries, the Chinese government and Chinese steel companies have been making tremendous efforts to cut obsolete capacity and expand domestic demand for steel products.

China has so far cut over 90 million tons of obsolete capacity during the 12th Five-Year period, and plans to slash 100-150 millon tons of crude steel production capacity over the next five years.

On the demand side, China has taken a lot of measures such as embarking upon necessary large-scale infrastructure development projects to absorb more steel. China's Belt and Road Initiative which foresees strengthening connectivity and infrastructure development of countries along the route will also fuel demand for steel.

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