Wu Jinglian: Break the National Syndicate

Wu Jinglian has penned an article calling for reform to break the party's control of major corporations. I assume an English translation will be out, below is a bit of it Google translated:
I have said, reform is to break Lenin's "State Syndicate", in fact, the so-called "National Syndicate" The problem is not a problem of state-owned enterprises, but institutional issues.

Our system is the Leninist-Stalinist regime. Lenin called it the "National Syndicate", reformist economists in Eastern Europe with a more modern statement, called "party-state big companies."

China is now the development of Lenin in 1921, said special state capitalism. It features: on the one hand there is a market, on the other hand, countries in possession of all of the "commanding heights", "commanding heights" in Chinese translation is called the "lifeblood" of the things we want to change.

After several rounds of reform, to the last century, we announced the establishment of a socialist market economy. But this system actually has a very heavy legacy of the old system, especially in the beginning of this century, reform in many areas there is retrogression, such as "country back", so China is a semi-market economy countries, which should continue to develop, that is, crony capitalism.

Now there are two issues is not open around: First, the old growth model is not open around. Requires the transformation of economic growth mode has been fifteen or twenty years, the problem intensified.

From the shallow side, that is causing a shortage of resources and environmental damage; a deeper level, the resulting income workers to improve slowly. By Daihatsu money to support growth, resulting in a housing estate bubble formation.

Inflationary pressures are continuing to rise, we are soon to monetary aggregates of GDP 200 per cent, while the country more than 100 percent of the world are very small.

Second, after the authorities intervene in the economic sphere, rot b intensified, now deep bone marrow.

These two problems are not resolved, the Chinese economy is a big problem that may occur, Chinese society is also very big problem may occur. Therefore, the most recent year, more and more people believe that China is destined to happen without reform a big problem.

Social conflicts has reached a critical point, you must restart the reform.

I think the reform consensus has been formed, it is what I call consensus: social conflicts has reached a critical point, you must restart the reform. Some of my past statements online against people than in favor of people, 90% of people in favor of this, this is what I say consensus.
iFeng: 吴敬琏:改革要打破党国大公司

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