Second and Third-Tier Panic Buying As Restrictions Expected in 8 Cities

"Purchase second and third-tier cities crowd fearing buying restriction spread to second and third tier cities, this 'panic buying' mental stimulation in March, April second and third tier cities housing prices and trading volume. " Hu Jinghui analysis, in market regulation more emphasis on "sub-city facilities strategy" in the background, in order to prevent overheating of the property market, some of the prices rose faster in second-tier cities is likely introduction of a "restriction overweight" policy.
iFeng: 楼市再现恐慌性抢购 二三线城市房价涨幅扩大

Eight cities are expected to launch restrictions. Suzhou is already in process, the other seven are:
Nanjing, Hefei, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou
In Xiamen, for example, April 22 Tong'an island earth shoot the queen, Xiamen price began another round of rapid rise in house prices north approximation deep. Recently launched Chien-fa · Xi central sales office price list Building 6, Building 6, Unit has been raised to around 69,000 yuan / square meter, individual listings breaking 70,000 only half a month unit price rose 8,000 yuan.

From August last year in Xiamen showings of Mr. Shaw said that only in the past six months, prices have risen Xiamen area mostly three Daosi Cheng. It is worth mentioning that, since 2009, Xiamen, house prices have been rising, even in 2014, when other cities prices down, Xiamen has also been rising. Therefore, in recent years, the overall increase of more than Guangzhou, Xiamen, comparable to the deep north.

Xiamen king and all the real estate assessment Kawasaki, chairman of the view that the wage level is not high, Xiamen, with first-tier cities is not a small distance. Rates under rapid growth, the general staff can not support the growing mortgage principal and interest, even more higher rents are Forced to improve the treatment of employers, but employers have been industry operating experience, how do we had to pay higher wages? Therefore, the negative impact of fast rising housing prices on the real economy is very obvious.

Skyrocketing of Hefei and Xiamen par. Enter February, Hefei open house prices skyrocketing mode, Chief District housing prices rose an average of two months to 6,000 yuan / square meter; located in Hefei High-tech Zone hundred Wyatt Montage Mountain project, in the previous price of 8,500 yuan / square meter , but into April it has reached 12,000 yuan / square meter, an increase of 41.18%; located LuYangOu text a door Lake project rose to 37.5%.

Wuhan Rate all the way "jump up." Miss Lee in Wuhan, a financial institution to work has been a favorite in Wuhan Ring side of real estate in the construction of South Lake One, "not opening when said before about 12,000 in March, the opening price of 13 500, but also the sun, but also the end of April opening, the average price has 15,000. "
iFeng: 房价惊现“四小龙” 8城可能重启限购

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