China's Vultures Circle the Zombies

Support market development and local government so that expansion of the scale once a part of business confidence, a huge amount of capital continues to flow into this area. According to National Bureau of Statistics, 2013, 2014, 2015 for three years, the proportion of manufacturing investment in the country's fixed investment stabilized at around 33%, this year there are 49.46 trillion yuan into the manufacturing sector, banks and investors and so driven by the expansion of the iron and steel, textiles, shipbuilding and other traditional manufacturing. Now, every company shutdowns and bankruptcies have meant their investments and loans will be tested.

For this, Xu Longquan impressed. Xu Longquan intention to "buy the dips" of the enterprise is the local taxpayer, and the taxpayer in most parts of the country, as in the establishment of enterprises from the production process, the government provides a very convenient, the bank also provides financial support, in fact, two local banks where this company is the largest creditor institutions. "The government does not want this company really disappear," Xu Liang in contact with the government obviously aware of such attitudes.

In fact, before the enterprise into bankruptcy process, Xu Longquan once and hopes by creditors to coordinate, through the "debt" in the form of realization of this enterprise restarted, you communicate with creditors, including banks, have carried abnormal smooth. Obviously, all those who participate bureau can clearly aware of the problem. Xu Longquan with "a loss for both sides, a prosperity" to describe a consensus.

Currently Xu Longquan also preparing the final funding, before he had to take this business a good name in his plan, after several years of development, this company will be listed on the new board. Xu Longquan not like others for the steel industry in general look bad sound. He said, "There are many opportunities, they do not understand."
EO: 去产能抄底者

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