Disney Shouldn't Have Come to China

FINTS Headlines:

Dalian Wanda sets eyes upon confronting Disney
“Disney really shouldn’t have come to China,” Wang said on state mouthpiece CCTV when he was invited as a guest for a TV show recently, arguing that the foreign theme park would be unable to make a profit in China over the next 10 to 20 years.

Shanghai Stock Exchange to standardize M&A
According to statistics, the average appreciation rates of valuation on restructured companies in the A-share market between 2012 and 2015 are rated at 201%, 515%, 527% and 737% respectively, showing an upward tendency year on year. Furthermore, the figure between early 2016 to mid-May even reached 1,334%.

China cracks down on illegal overseas insurance products
The China Insurance Regulatory Commission urged in an official document, as cited by major domestic media on May 23, that watchdogs should rigidly tackle existing illegal sales of overseas insurance products across the nation, which has already given rise to a series of illegal issues covering several aspects. The request stems from potential threats of illegal cross-border capital flows, as well as to maintain the rigor and stability of the domestic financial market.

...Tightening rules on insurance sales would also help control illegal capital outflows, as some use outbound capital transfer to hide their illegal assets or incomes through buying overseas insurance products.

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