Fake Macy's at Beijing Sanlitun


Sina: 美国梅西:屯三里梅西系冒牌
The world's leading department store Macy's from the United States into China but was not yet "Li Gui" troubled. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zou Fang and Kan Dao, Tuen committed Workers Three Mile Road, less than a month Macy MALL more quietly discounts 名梅西奥特 Royce. With the sudden there was renamed Macy's official statement the United States (Figure). Jim Sluzewski, senior vice president of Macy's exclusive to the Beijing Daily reporter, said Tun located three miles MALL Messi is a fake store, Macy's nothing to do with the United States. Macy did not shop in China, recently did not mention the issue on the agenda into China.
Macy's only presence in China is an official T-Mall store.

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