You Sell 16 Tons And What Do You Get? Not Even 16 Cokes

The situation in coal is much like the situation in steel a couple of years ago, when the profit on a ton of steel was equivalent to a popsicle. Now a ton of coal has a net profit less than a bottled drink. In Shanxi, coal mines are struggling to repay debt and keep their workers employed, even as the governments looks for production cuts.
Sell ​​a ton of profits, can not buy a bottle of drink - Shanxi Provincial Party Secretary Wang Rulin had so lamented.

"For us, it is impossible not to cut overcapacity, but it is also impossible to lay off workers."

...In response to the market crisis, Lingshi Coal Mine began "cut." Cut, is to compress a variety of expenses, including pay cuts, "but could not lay off." Lingshi County is located deep in the south of Taiyuan Basin mountains, a single industry, few employment channels ravine where there is only Lingshi coal mine, the miners and their families are nearly ten thousand people. "If you cut staff, miners can not live, you have social chaos." Duan Xinchun said.

In addition, no dividend Lingshi coal mines, and major banks and consultations in the hope of some high-interest loans into low-interest loans.

In order to prevent bank loans being drawn, coal mines began to repay mature loans "piecemeal", such as a bank owed 100 million yuan, repay 10 million yuan at a tune, "this is a compelled method."

...And in the moment, most of the coal mines in Shanxi insist that their only hope is to wait for the market to pick up. "Cut" is that they can think of the current policy of the winter, which includes a state-owned enterprise that is vigorously pursued "reorientation diversion."

Li Jinwen introduced Orchid Group has nearly 40,000 employees, total wages in 2015 is $ 1.6 billion this year to prepare a 30% reduction, that wage compression 480 million yuan.

But compress wages bring a stability problem, "Some wages dropped to 1620 yuan (Shanxi minimum wage), can only maintain a simple life, and even water and electricity heating, children are unable to pay school fees, minus to go wrong."

iFeng: 一吨煤的利润买不到一瓶饮料 山西煤企表示无法裁员

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