Chinese Debtors Resort to 4th Grade Excuses Amid Default Wave

Bloomberg: Lost Seals And Other Excuses Used by Defaulting Chinese Firms
Missing corporate stamps, shuffled assets and disappearing executives have become the hallmarks of debt distress in China. Investors are starting to lose patience.

China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd. said this month it couldn’t distribute interest without its company seal, only for the underwriter to report payment later saying the stamp isn’t needed. Shenyang City Utility Group Co. said it couldn’t publish a repayment statement as the holder of its chop was traveling. China City Construction Holding Group Co.’s bonds slumped to 79 yuan out of 100 yuan face value on May 6 after its controlling shareholder changed. Fosun International Ltd. was among issuers to report lost contact with executives.
How about using the I Ching?

Question: Should I repay bondholders at maturity?

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The present is embodied in Hexagram 8 - Pi (Union): There is good fortune, but let him reexamine himself. Let him divine whether his virtue be great, unremitting, and firm. If it be so, there will be no error. Those who have not rested will then come to him. With those who are too late in coming, it will be ill.

In the topmost line, divided, we see one seeking union and attachment without having taken the first step to such an end. There will be evil.

The situation is evolving slowly, and Yang (the active masculine force) is gaining ground.

The future is embodied in Hexagram 20 - Kuan (Contemplation): He should be like the worshipper who has washed his hands, but not yet presented his offerings. There must be sincerity and an appearance of dignity, commanding reverent regard.

The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram K'an (Water), which is transforming into Sun (Wind). As part of this process, danger and the unknown are giving way to penetration and following.

The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram K'un (Earth), which represents docility and receptivity.
Sounds like the bonds should be repaid.

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The Judgement

The Well. The town may be changed,
But the well cannot be changed.
It neither decreases nor increases.
They come and go and draw from the well.
If one gets down almost to the water
And the rope does not go all the way,
Or the jug breaks, it brings misfortune.
Another suggestion to repay.

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Key Questions

What is real?
What is genuinely your responsibility, and what is not yours at all?

‘Without entanglement.
Creating success from the source, constancy bears fruit.
One who is not upright commits blunders,
And it is fruitless to have a direction to go.’

To be entangled is to be caught up in futile, groundless things: deluded beliefs, or reckless actions, or a compulsion to rewrite the past or control the future. When you are without entanglement, you recognize what is not yours, and you will not take it on. Sometimes other people’s problems are not yours to solve; sometimes bad things happen to you and are not your responsibility.

Freedom from entanglement brings extraordinary energy. It liberates the whole creative flow, from source to enduring fruition, natural and spontaneous as a growing plant. This is the creative potential latent in the present moment. To connect with it, you need to be conscious of your place on the earth, and set yourself straight accordingly. Entanglements are groundless; if you realign your course with present reality, you are well grounded. If you don’t, you will make bad mistakes.

Now is a good time to re-evaluate your plans, dreams and goals: imagining new places to go is of no use if you can’t see where you are – and in any case, even the clearest of plans is not immune to chance.
Sounds like a straight up default. End the entanglement. There's more:
Key Questions

What is asked of you?
What are you investing in?


‘Gathering, creating success.
The king enters his temple.
Fruitful to see great people, creating success.
Constancy bears fruit.
Using great sacrificial animals: good fortune.
Fruitful to have a direction to go.’

The old character for ‘Gathering’ shows people gathered like grass, or perhaps gathered to bring in the harvest: they have a shared identity, and invest together for a purpose, looking for what will bear fruit. Sometimes this is an external gathering, sometimes an internal one – collecting yourself and integrating your many roles and strengths, getting yourself together. Many people, roles, energies and issues are concentrated in this single focal point.

The king enters his temple to connect his people with the ancestral spirits. This is a time to strengthen shared roots, and understand mundane daily activities as part of a larger story and identity that gives them meaning.

With this connection made, it is time to see great people. Originally this might have meant consulting with diviners, to ensure your offerings were made in harmony with the time and the spirits. Seeing great people (whether in the flesh or with your inner vision) gives you longer- term guidance to align your efforts with your purpose. Then a steady persistence will bear fruit. And you are making great efforts – and an act of faith – investing the best you have in this gathering. You need those good, deep roots, and clear-sighted guidance, and you need to know where you are going with it all.
Seek government bailout.

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