Listed Firms Driving Up Second-Tier Land Prices

CSJ: 二线地王井喷背后的力量:上市房企不差钱
As of May 15, including four first-tier cities and second-tier cities of Nanjing and other hot city a total of 21, in 2016 a total of 110 land have had a king, they are "high price, high price, high premium rate" in "Three high "indicators, meet at least one of them. Scrutinize these funds and push the hand behind the king, the reporter found, listed developers are the most important king maker.

Less than six months, there have been born more than 110 land kings, 2016, "the king tide" come faster than in previous years, more violent.
They are counting by land sales, so a single company could become "land king" in multiple cities, or several companies could have achieved "land king" status in a single city. Across China, 21 cities have seen new record land prices. The article provides a list and at the top is Sunac, with 8 instances of "land king" status. Participation is widespread though, with even Vanke achieving "land king" twice.
Shangzheng Bao reporter found that sort, which the king of 110 listed companies, mostly manufacturers, surprising is that even China Vanke, green, and other investment style has always been strong, strict risk control, known for A shares leading housing prices, also this year to become the king maker.

Has always been known not to take to the king of Vanke, this can not help but shot. May 12, Hangzhou Grand Pearl Lot After 28 rounds of bidding, the final Vanke to 14,902 yuan / square meter competing, 114% of the premium rate has not seen in five years, the main city of Hangzhou, Vanke also get hit in Hangzhou the highest record in the history of the premium.

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