75pc of Chinese Investors Lost Money in 2016

The ChiNext Index fell 27.7 percent in 2016, 32.5 percent in U.S. dollars.
The SME Composite fell 16.6 percent.
Shanghai Composite fell 12.3 percent.

According to an iFeng survey of investors, 75 percent lost money in 2016. Of these, 15 percent said they lost more than 50 percent. On the flip side, of the investors who said they gained, 73 percent gained less than 10 percent. iFeng also estimated the average account in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets lost 43,000 yuan in 2016.

Only 9 percent of respondents expect a bull market in 2017 vs 21 percent who expect a bear market.

In terms of where gains are expected in 2017, the least picked was the ChiNext, at 14 percent.

iFeng: 2016沪指跌12%创业板指重挫28% 逾七成股民亏损

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