Chinese Wonder When Mortgage Lending Will Slow

Mortgage lending is believed to be lagging the slowdown in real estate sales, but will catch-up as tightening policies remain in effect.
Surprised because, in the multi-market regulation and control policies introduced, the residents of housing loan data performance is still strong. Data show that in November new loans to the household sector in the long-term loans (mainly mortgages) proportion from October 75% further climbed to 84%, significantly higher than in September of 47%. Another surprising figure is that in the context of a continued devaluation of the yuan against the dollar, the future depreciation pressure is still great against the backdrop of November foreign currency loans but an increase of 20 billion US dollars, which is nearly two months of foreign currency loans for the first time positive.

When will mortgages slow down

CICC research analysis, in the purchase, limited credit and other efforts to increase the case, in November the financial data still mainly reflects the lagged performance of real estate-related financing, with the real estate regulation and tightening of funds and other factors, future loans and social integration Growth may be slowing down.

Orient Securities chief economist Shao Yu told reporters that the first financial, from the mortgage data, there is no obvious signs of falling, but the property market will certainly decline in trading volume. Because the strict property market policy will continue for a long time, or even ruled out may also be overweight. In this context, the attention of the policy may need to shift to the control of leverage and control of the bubble up.

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