China Seizes U.S. Underwater Drone

China seized an American oceanographic drone in international waters today, a sign of escalating tension between the two superpowers.

Independent: China's navy seizes US Navy drone in international waters of South China Sea
A Chinese warship has seized an underwater drone belonging to the US navy vehicle in international waters of the South China Sea, according to reports.

The incident has prompted a former demarche from the United States and a demand for its return, a US defense official said.

It is the first such seizure in recent memory and took took place on 15 December northwest of Subic Bay, just as the USNS Bowditch – an oceanographic survey ship – was about to retrieve the vehicle, an official told Reuters.
China jumped the gun since the Trump administration doesn't take office for another month. They waited a little more than two months to try the same thing with the Bush administration.

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