Home Prices Still Gaining in November

China's NBS reports home prices rose an average of 0.58 percent in its 70-city survey.

It once again posted mid-month numbers for the "hot" cities to show the slowdown into November. For the month, 5 of the 15 "hot" cities saw prices fall, but from the middle of November, 9 of 15 cities showed price declines.

Price gains have moved beyond the hot cities. I track 12 of the 15, and in November, they only accounted for 11 percent of the national price gain. In late 2015 and into mid 2016, these cities were driving most of the price increases. As recently as July, these 12 cities accounted for 65 percent of the national price gains.

NBS: 2016年11月份70个大中城市及11月下半月一线和热点二线城市住宅销售价格变动情况

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