People's Daily Announces New Normal, New Direction for Chinese Economy

Economic growth from high-speed growth to medium-and high-speed growth, the mode of economic development from the scale of the extensive growth of the quality and efficiency of intensive growth, the economic structure from the incremental expansion to adjust the stock to do the amount of co-existence of the depth adjustment, The driving force for development from the traditional growth momentum to a new growth momentum.

Under the new normal to a new understanding

1. Why is there a speed change?

Because, to determine the potential growth rate of economic growth "can not" as in the past as high-speed growth. Because, after the total and the base becomes larger "can not do" as in the past, high-speed growth. But also because the resource environment "can not stand" as in the past as high-speed growth.

2. Why is there a structural optimization?

With the supply of capital, land and other factors decreased, resource and environment constraints strengthened, elements of input and energy pollution less service industry to come to the fore, the industrial structure will continue to optimize; with factor prices, savings rate, export and investment growth With the supply of labor reduced, the scarcity of human resources highlights, the income distribution structure will also be optimized continuously. With the rapid development of urbanization, the urban and rural areas will continue to optimize the structure; .

3. Why is there a power conversion?

In the past, low prices of factors of production became the driving force behind the rapid operation of China's "world factory". Today, the price of these elements has undergone a qualitative change, forcing the Chinese economy to shift to innovation-driven.

Under the new normal, China is still in the development of important strategic opportunities

Economic fundamentals have not changed for a long time, the economy has good toughness, sufficient potential, large room for maneuver has not changed, a good basis for sustained economic growth and conditions have not changed, the economic structure adjustment and optimization of the situation has not changed.

Looking to the future, China's economic operation can not be U-type, more can not be V-type, but L-type trend. After adjustment, the Chinese economy will enter a new stage of development with higher quality, better efficiency and more sustainability.
iFeng: 重磅!人民日报首提中国经济“新方位”

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