Crypto Massacre, Nasdaq Next: Bitcoin Crashes Through Support

Bitcoin has taken out a major support level. It briefly traded below $6000 in February, but that was quickly reversed. This move needs to reverse or it is a major bearish signal. Quick take: sell Decred if bearish, buy Monero if bullish on this price plunge. I remain intermediate-term bearish and expect Bitcoin will eventually trade below $5000.

Intraday and long-term chart of Bitcoin:
Decred holding up well as expected, but if Bitcoin doesn't rebound, there's a lot of room to drop.
Ethereum still well above support, but it's an 18 percent drop to support.
This bear move will escalate if Litecoin falls below $100.
Monero is ugly. The next support is the psychological $100 level, the the prior basing pattern around $85, then the prior breakout/support level at $60.

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