Wuhan Sells 20pc Off Housing for College Grads, Lottery Oversubscribed 4X

iFeng: 武汉首个大学生八折购房楼盘开售 摇号现场4抢1
From the city's 1585 Yaohan students who got the shake number, they got the qualification of 392 houses in the scene through computer Yaohao. This is equivalent to a set of 4 people robbed, and the Yaohao site is very hot.

It is understood that the Airport Kong Youth City project is a government-led project. The Wuhan Airport Airport Development Zone Urban Development Investment Group construction project has "two certificates." Project is located in East Lake District road victory innovation and unity of South River Road intersection, near the bus terminal 741 road. The property has a total of seven 33-story houses with a total of 700 units. It plans to sell 392 sets in advance in early June this year and sell the remaining 308 sets in the second half of the year. Selling to university graduates at a price less than 20% of the market price, it became the first city in the city to realize “20 percent discount for college students”.

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