Coronavirus Update: South Korea and Japan Break the Curve, West Still Exponential, Shanghai Tests Vaccine

A ray of hope for South Korea and Japan this week: their case growth bent slightly. It is still rising, but if they have achieved a successful policy mix, case growth should decelerate in the coming week. Not so in the West, where case growth continues on an exponential curve in Italy, France, Germany and the USA. If Italy's quarantine effort works, it could break its curve starting next weekend. Singapore remains an outlier of success.

Shanghai researchers are working on a vaccine. The lead researcher injected himself with it: 上海研发新冠人源细胞疫苗,科学家已亲试第一针
On February 26, Researcher Xu Jianqing of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center injected himself with a new crown of nucleic acid (DNA) vaccine. About two weeks later, he will also receive a second injection of the vaccine. Xu Jianqing told the First Financial Journalist that the second vaccine is a bit special, and it is the world's first vaccine using human-derived cells as a carrier.

Xu Jianqing is the director of the Institute of New and Reproducible Infectious Diseases at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and the main leader of the institution's new crown vaccine team. From January 2020, his team started the simultaneous development of nucleic acid vaccines, human cell vector vaccines, and nanoparticle vaccines. Today, nucleic acid vaccines have been tested in mice, and animal tests for primates are ongoing; human cell-based vector vaccines have also been successfully prepared.

"The role of the first vaccine is to stimulate immunity in the body, which is equivalent to letting the immune system in the body understand the virus, but it has not yet formed a deep impression. The role of the second vaccine is to strengthen the immunity, which is to stimulate more specifically. Neutralizing protective antibodies in the body. "Xu Jianqing told First Financial reporter.
Wuhan couple go viral as wife is pregnant with March due date: 《封面》致敬妇女节|武汉封城中的孕妇:每天鼓励肚子里的孩子
So when we were riding in the car, we all wore hats, masks, myopic glasses and sunglasses without goggles, plastic raincoats without protective clothing, and disposable gloves. They were completely armed.

After the driver arrives, he will open the door and disinfect the inside. After getting in the car, the driver and us will also keep a certain distance, there is a seal in the middle, so it can be regarded as a small area of ​​self-isolation. And the driver master was well protected, wearing a mask and gloves. After seeing this situation, we felt relieved.

...I am going to call the hospital today to see if a caesarean operation can be scheduled in this case.

I didn't really think about Caesarean section before, but I still want to be able to deliver it, after all, for pregnant women, recovery will be faster. But in this case, I think it would be better to choose a C-section because it is planned.

For example, I am going to have surgery on the tenth, and I will contact the community one day in advance. It will send me a car and send me to the hospital in advance, including doctors, to make an appointment in advance. under. Because once the water breaks in the middle of the night or something, it will be bad to wait for the cars in the community. At night, there are only two cars in each community.

The doctor also told us in advance that no one was allowed to wait in the delivery room during childbirth. They were accompanied by medical staff.

We are still optimistic about hospital safety. Because now it can be said that the whole country is doing its best to help Wuhan, and almost all the best medical resources are here. I have seen before that 16 ECMOs have been delivered to Wuhan, so relatively speaking, I think Wuhan is still a safe place.

However, thinking of going to the hospital for production and hospitalization, I do have some concerns, and there is still a risk of infection. My worries will probably disappear after the baby is born successfully and after confinement.

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