Hard Hit Hubei Slowly Returning to Normal

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Caixin: 湖北:调整社区管控措施,有序推进企业复工和人员安全流动
"The current situation of the epidemic situation in Hubei Province is showing a positive and positive situation. After evaluation, many cities and counties have adjusted their epidemic risk levels, laying a foundation for adjusting community management and control measures and also orderly advancing enterprises. The resumption of work and production and the safe movement of personnel provided the basis. "At the Hubei Province press conference on March 14, Liu Dongru, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Health Committee, introduced that Hubei will flexibly adjust and dynamically manage community control measures every three days. Organize an assessment, and then clarify the prevention and control strategies in different regions based on the assessment results.

  As of 24:00 on March 12th, except for Wuhan City, which is high risk, other regions in Hubei Province are all low and medium risk, including 63 low-risk cities and counties and 12 medium-risk cities and counties. Compared with March 10, 18 Among the cities and counties, the medium- to low-risk cities and counties were reduced from high-risk to low-risk cities and counties. "In the next step, we will further strengthen the assessment of epidemic risk levels, refine the classification and control strategies for classification, and provide a basis for the implementation of scientific and precise prevention and control." Liu Dongru said.

  According to Liu Dongru, according to the changing situation of the epidemic situation, Hubei Province has implemented a zoning and differentiation strategy. Specifically, the implementation of external defense import strategies in low-risk areas can lift the closed management of urban communities and rural village groups across the region, strengthen the tracking and management of influxes in areas with severe epidemics and high-risk areas, do a good job of health monitoring and services, and strengthen epidemic monitoring And prevention and control in special places and special groups. The medium-risk areas implement strategies for external defense import and internal proliferation prevention. The county-level headquarters in each region shall scientifically assess the risk levels of urban streets and towns in the jurisdictions with reference to the grading evaluation standards for epidemic prevention and control zones. All communities and village groups in low-risk streets, townships, and villages will be de-closed. In the middle-, high-risk streets, towns, and communities, villages and villages without confirmed cases can be closed. Taking school classes, building units, factory workshops, working public places, offices, etc. as the smallest units, and using case detection, epidemiological investigation, and epidemic analysis as clues, rationally determine the places and personnel for prevention and control management, and implement targeted prevention and control. Measures. High-risk areas implement strategies of internal non-proliferation, external defense export, and strict control. Based on various measures in medium-risk areas, they will continue to stop gathering activities, continue to implement regional traffic control, and conduct comprehensive inspections in units of cities and counties. Fever patients, timely admission and management of suspected cases, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections, isolation medical observation of close contacts, disinfection of related places in urban and rural communities and village groups where community-borne or clustered outbreaks occur, and restricted personnel Gathering, entry and exit control measures.

  Liu Dongru said that Hubei will adhere to the combination of strict prevention and orderly release, continued bans and gradual action, and implement orderly deregulation under the premise of ensuring that the overall prevention and control measures are not reduced, the requirements are not reduced, and the intensity is not loosened. Take accurate measures and implement gradient upgrade prevention and control measures to restore orderly production and living order.

  After adjusting the prevention and control measures for communities and village groups, what should I do if there are sporadic cases or cluster epidemics? Liu Dongru said that in response to various situations that may occur after adjusting the control measures of communities and village groups, Hubei will adopt strategies to consolidate the results of prevention and control, monitor the changes in the epidemic in real time, and upgrade the prevention and control measures in a timely manner. At the time of budding, before the disaster. " The first is to consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control so that the epidemic situation will not be repeated. The second is to deal with sporadic cases in a timely manner to ensure that the epidemic does not spread. The third is to deal with the epidemic situation decisively to ensure that the epidemic situation does not spread.

  In terms of ensuring a reasonable, safe and orderly flow of personnel, Zhu Hanqiao, director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Transportation, introduced three specific principles: First, the responsibility for classification. The headquarters of each city, county, and county are responsible for the safe and orderly movement of personnel in the administrative area, and the safe and orderly movement of personnel across cities and states. The coordination of transportation management is coordinated by the provincial headquarters and the special traffic security class. . Second, partition control. In accordance with the thinking of shifting peaks, batches, must, and the right amount, all localities should prevent a rush, and orderly and effectively organize transportation. Third, seamless docking. The place of input and output of personnel shall reasonably select and determine the mode of transportation according to the flow, direction and time of travel, strengthen the connection between the various modes of transportation, form a closed loop of information on personnel data, and include the inflow personnel into the prevention and control management of the inflow area.

  According to Zhu Hanqiao, under the premise of good health management and implementation of prevention and control measures, Hubei will adopt green code traffic and point-to-point one-stop methods to centrally deliver laborers in batches and accurately and safely return to work. The specific zoning requirements are: First, people in low and medium risk areas can move safely and orderly in the province with the health code green code. Those who really cannot apply for the health code can also travel with the current village and community to issue a health monitoring certificate. . Second, personnel in other high-risk areas outside Wuhan can use the health code and green code to flow in a point-to-point manner with the inflow provinces in the province in a safe and orderly manner. Thirdly, Wuhan continues to implement strict control measures on the departure from Han, to serve the medical team of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian staff of the Ministry of State, the construction of key projects for epidemic prevention, and personnel from overseas (including those from abroad, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

  "In Wuhan and other high-risk areas, passenger flights, passenger trains, passenger cars, passenger ships, and city buses continue to be suspended." Zhu Hanqiao pointed out that for the traffic needs in low and medium risk areas, one is to promote self-driving travel, and the other is to encourage peer-to-peer travel. Third, chartered public passenger transport. Passenger flights, passenger trains, passenger cars, passenger ships, and urban buses in low- and medium-risk areas will gradually recover in an orderly manner on the premise of taking necessary prevention and control measures. The orderly restoration of public transportation within the county area is determined by the county headquarters. The orderly restoration of public transportation in the city and state area shall be determined by the city and state headquarters, and the restoration of inter-city and state public transport communication shall be determined by the city and state headquarters in consultation. Private passengers can board the bus with their health code and green code, and they are not required to provide a flow certificate, a certificate of receipt of the place of inflow, and a vehicle pass.

  Hubei Province is a large province of migrant workers with more than 10 million migrant workers. Dong Changqi, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, said that Hubei Province will take measures to find out the minimum number of needs, prepare response plans, promote nearby employment, continue online recruitment, and provide one-stop one-stop services. Sequentially promote the return of migrant workers to work

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