And Then There Were Nine: Hangzhou, Xian and Guiyang Cancel All Buying Restrictions

Only 9 cities have yet to lift buying restrictions, among them the four first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, plus Zhuhai, Sanya, Nanning, Xining and Lanzhou.

In Hangzhou, buying restrictions are now lifted on properties larger than 140 sqm. There are rumors that the city has asked the PBOC branch office to lower second home down payments to 60%. On September 1, Xi'an will lift restrictions on everyone, requiring no hukou checks or proof of property ownership. Guiyang is also lifting restriction on September 1.

It is game on for property speculators/investors in these cities. But will they return?

From iFeng:
杭州西安贵阳宣布全面取消限购 未松绑城市仅剩9个
August 28 hearing , Hangzhou , Xi'an, Guiyang City, today announced the complete abolition of three property purchase, announced the cancellation of the purchase of further expansion of the list of cities. As of now, there are only nine cities in the purchase has not been relaxed, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Sanya, Nanjing, Xining and Lanzhou.

Following the liberalization of 140 square meters or more purchase of housing, the main city of Hangzhou, today announced that more than 140 square meters of housing to lift the restriction, Xiaoshan, Yuhang fully liberalized. There are rumors that the Hangzhou Municipal Government has contacted the Central Branch of People's Bank of Hangzhou lower down payment requirements for second home loans to 6 percent.

Hangzhou official documents attached full text:

Following the liberalization of many cities all restriction policy, based on the current changes in the real estate market in Hangzhou, to promote sustained, healthy and stable development of the real estate market, the municipal government consent from at 0:00 on August 29 onwards, purchase main city of Hangzhou 140 m2 The following housing (including commodity housing, second-hand housing) no longer provides housing situation query records.

In recent years, the municipal government of the "Housing" as an important livelihood issues, always attach great importance to the market by hand, hand protection, efforts to solve the "Housing" problem, basically low-end secure , in the end there is support, there is the high-end market. Hangzhou resolutely implement the central real estate macro-control policies, improve the relationship between housing supply and demand, basically out of speculative investment demand, prices basically stable. This year, the real estate market in Hangzhou generally stable. January-August (as of August 27) Downtown traded commodity housing 34,437 units, closing an area of ​​3.787 million square meters. From January to August the transaction situation, remained the same period in the last five-year average. But with the changes in market supply and demand, increasing pressure on the stock. As of August 27, Hangzhou new housing units for 95,004 units can be sold, an increase of 50.3%. According to the National Bureau of Statistics announced 70 cities housing sales price changes, Hangzhou July new commercial housing price index fell 2.5%, the first decline in four ring than 70 consecutive months ranking cities; July of second-hand housing price index a decline of 1.1 percent, has been declining for six consecutive months.

According to the current changes in the real estate market in Hangzhou, according to the central "classification regulation," "give full play to market a decisive role in the allocation of resources" requirement, after hearing the views of experts on the basis of recommendations by the study, from at 0:00 on August 29 Since the purchase of the main city of Hangzhou, 140 square meters of housing (including commodity housing, second-hand housing) no longer provides housing situation query records.

In cancel the purchase policy, Hangzhou will continue to strengthen the supervision and management of the real estate market, on the one hand to effectively meet the people to live, improved housing demand, on the other hand to speed up the commercial housing inventory to ensure that the real estate market in Hangzhou more healthy and stable. Meanwhile, to further improve the protection of housing construction and management, full implementation of affordable housing, low-rent housing, public rental housing security tasks throughout the year to ensure that the urban public sale of affordable housing 200,000 square meters, per capita income at 2.5 times the minimum standards (inclusive) housing for needy families achieve housing security "cities", the introduction of public rental housing with rent source target 2800 sets.

Xi'an announced the cancellation of the purchase

At 15:30 on August 28, Xi'an housing security and the Housing Authority released called "on the promotion of sustainable and healthy development of the real estate market related issues," the red-headed, officially canceled the purchase . Document clearly stated: Since September 1, 2014, the purchase of second-hand housing and commercial housing in the city area, no declaration of domicile and the original housing situation. Under the notification text:

District and county building to live Authority (Housing Authority), city (studio) to change the office, the relevant units:

A really good job of affordable housing construction work

(A) vigorously promote the village, shantytowns. All units must follow the city's villages, shantytowns, planning, and actively take effective measures to encourage social capital to participate in the Village, shantytowns, and steadily promote related work.

(B) the orderly construction of affordable housing. Adhere to government-led principles of social participation and accelerating public rental housing , low-rent housing merged operations and increase the proportion of affordable rental housing construction, improve affordable housing supporting infrastructure, accelerate the effective supply of affordable housing, housing steadily expanded the scope of protection, implementation of the five-second waiting housing security plan, five-end housing security coverage reached 23%.

Second, the optimization of housing consumption environment

(Three) full play a decisive role in the market in resource allocation. Adhere to market demand-oriented, and actively meet the various housing needs. Since September 1, 2014, purchase of commodity housing and second-hand housing in the city area, no declaration of domicile and the original housing situation.

Third, actively invigorate the secondary housing market

(Four) units of employee housing ownership registration to speed up the work. Construction of different historical periods employee housing units, to simplify procedures, timely registration law.

(E) Promote hand housing market transactions. When registration of ownership of housing has employee housing units traded, no unit will be allowed to set limits violations, their personal property to obtain the approval time for housing reform department houses the time.

Fourth, strengthen the real estate market supervision

(F) a sound and comprehensive real estate market long-term supervision mechanism. In accordance with strict access, dynamic regulation, the general idea of ​​survival of the fittest, strengthen market supervision body for practitioners to accelerate a sound and comprehensive multi-sectoral linkage shared credit management system, the construction project dynamic monitoring mechanism irregularities joint investigation mechanism and legacy of fast processing mechanism .

(Seven) to increase efforts to deal with illegal activities. Actively carry out specific work for the real estate market, and increase the frequency of routine inspections of law enforcement to crack down on real estate development enterprises, intermediary service companies and illegal acts of employees, rectify and standardize market order.

Fifth, strengthen market surveillance and public opinion to guide

(Eight) to strengthen monitoring and analysis market. Close attention to the operation of the market situation, to strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the market judged, sound real estate market early warning and forecasting system, improve the real estate market statistics and information release system, the timely release of market operation authoritative information, enhance market transparency, stabilize market expectations.

(Ix) strengthening policy advocacy and public opinion guidance. Increase policy advocacy efforts, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, in-depth interpretation of policies and measures to correct and prevent false information or irresponsible speculation, comments misleading consumer expectations, and guide the development of businesses and residents reasonably priced rational consumption.

Xi'an housing security and the Housing Authority

二十 二 ○ 一 四年 八日 八月

Guiyang announced the cancellation of the purchase

Local media sources said today Guiyang, Guiyang City, from September 1, will stop the execution of housing restriction measures. By then, whether local or foreign hukou household registration in Guiyang buyers will no longer be restricted housing material, but also no longer need to provide housing material proof and tax documents and other documents.

Guiyang housing restriction measures started in February 2011. This time relaxed, also means that the implementation of three and a half time limit procurement policies Guiyang temporarily paragraph. According to local media reports, the building housing the Bureau of Guiyang just let restriction policy, has not issued with the release restriction matching buyers credit support policy.

In fact, this year in late July, Guiyang City has spread restriction policy has been canceled news, but then Guiyang City building housing the Bureau responded that the building housing the Bureau in early July has been the application to cancel the purchase document policies reported to the relevant departments, but has not yet passed.

The Guiyang City dependence on the real estate industry is also to be added. According to recently released a media center on the country 25 real estate development and investment in the city's share of the GDP ranking, Guiyang City, with 51.16% of the proportion ranked first, but came in Shenzhen at the end of the list, this indicator is only 6.69%.

In addition, according to the monitoring Rand Consulting, 2013, Guiyang City, Hua Guoyuan project to more than 17 billion yuan in sales, ranking the country single-disc sales champion, sales crown over Beijing Xishan Heights School [ News Price Unit Reviews ], Shanghai Royal Purple Crown Heights sold both sales combined.

Guiyang City real estate has long been active in local government policy support, such as giving the account in Guiyang buyers settled policy. According to statistics, only 30% of Guiyang property inventory is consumed by the locals, most of the rest was purchased from Guiyang city people around the small town of the province, but the main attraction is their account.

According Hopefluent monitoring data, as of last week (August 24), Guiyang City, commercial housing stock reached 8.2359 million square meters, according to the last week in Guiyang area of ​​commercial housing turnover (84,700 square meters) calculated without Considering the new commodity housing situation, Guiyang City digested the current inventory of time over 97 weeks.

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