Foshan Lets Children Buy Houses

If you have a residency permit in Foshan, you can buy a house, even if you're under 18 years old. Also, non-residents will be able to purchase one home. Non-residents under the age of 18 are out of luck, for now.

Yesterday was the Foshan restriction relaxed on the first day, Foshan City building housing the Bureau official said in an interview Q & A, children under 18 years old are also present their ID card to buy a house.

According to the New Deal, the non-household workers in Foshan City, Foshan not have housing, with ID can buy a house in Foshan City. Foshan permanent residents on an individual basis, with two houses after the implementation of the purchase. In other words, if both spouses are Foshan residence, can have up to four housing units. A three, and can have up to six housing units.

Although officially confirmed Foshan restriction relaxed but still many questions about the details. Yesterday 9:00 and more, several media turn up to Foshan City building housing the Bureau interview. The real estate market supervision bureau chief Ltd .: and related personnel department official told reporters, answer related questions.

Ltd .: stressed Foshan restriction policy is not completely canceled, just adjust and improve. If the individual real estate prices appear abnormal fluctuations, will take on the first floor of a policy-making process, that is to take a policy against an estate. This adjustment does not involve tax issues, does not involve credit problems. In addition, children with ID cards can also buy a house, even though the age of 18 is required.

A reporter asked: "If I have real estate in Guangzhou, I want to buy real estate in Foshan, I need to investigate real estate in Guangzhou it" relevant responsible person said, if there is no foreign residence property in Foshan, you can buy a sets, no investigation in the field of real estate.

Reporter Xuncheng

There are real estate sold more than 30 a night suite

Foshan restriction relaxed on the first day, and how the performance throughout the estate? Reporters learned from relevant channels, at the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan Nanhai District real estate increased traffic, individual real estate, said late product will be price increases, Nanhai District has two disks have been entertained, prices will significantly. Shunde has real estate deal after hearing the news the night before 30 sets.

Reporters learned yesterday afternoon, located at the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan Vanke [ Introduction News ] Central Golden Mile and the sea [ ​​Introduction News ] Jincheng guests increased, the latter even said late product sales staff will price adjustment. Located in Guangdong greenery financial high-tech zones in the sea and greenery One lot of people have a guest to. Each developer's sales are overwhelmingly said they would price increases, but there are also people think that in order to facilitate the transaction does not rule out its deliberately said to prices.

12:00 yesterday, a reporter friend circle Shunde Country Garden [ latest news Price Unit Reviews ] insiders Miss士黎micro letter, said: "Last night (the 6th) Foshan restriction canceled news had spread, hundreds of customers have from all over Shunde Country Garden rushed to the sales center, hoping to take advantage of the policy before the official implementation of the water to grab the heart room! "it said from 20:00 to 12:00 short period of four hours, the product has been pushed almost looted.

Country Garden City Garden [ latest news Price Unit Reviews ] sales person in charge Mr. Chen confirmed last night Shunde Country Garden is indeed a total turnover of more than 30 sets of small and medium-size products, and the scene is very hot.

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