China Real Estate: BTFD

Here's an article telling Chinese home buyers to BTFD (buy the f***** dip). The headline is, you made a mistake in 2008 and 2011, don't make a mistake in 2014. The analyst quoted says the buying opportunity is coming and he expects prices in the second half to stabilize.

房价有变 买房错过了2008和2011别再错过2014
OK until today, the property market into a deep adjustment period has become a point of basic sectors consensus, "purchase window period" buyers who are already here become a topic of concern.

In early 2013, following the continuation of the carryover market, the national property market since the beginning of April into the downstream channel.

Recently, the Asian high, deputy general manager Ren Qixin live guest interviews, historical analysis of the property market after regulatory status quo, recalled that:. "2008 missed, missed the 2011, 2014 and gave everyone a chance to buy the dips."

Status: July house prices significantly lower

Ren Qixin said that prices of many items have begun to loosen from the beginning of May this year, July has been more obvious decline. Real estate development companies through a variety of ways promotions, such as phased down , increase the intensity of the third-party discount or buy concessions and so on. These are signs that the right buyers the opportunity is coming.

But in the high-end residential market movements, Ren Qixin endorse high-end projects often presents independent market point of view, Ren Qixin think the volume and price of high-end projects less affected by the policy level. Total price of more than thirty million of high-end projects in the first half of this year is still showing a trend of steadily.

Mainly due to the ultra high-end projects are usually very obvious scarcity, the customer base is relatively stable, less affected by the overall market volatility.

Reason: Since the housing market is the first result

Turning down the reasons for the current round of property, said Ren Qixin fast changes in the market, causing a sub-analysis of interest-ho: "April did not find that the market is so bad, how can it be found in May, June thorough lows, and in July Basically completely distorted. "

Ren Qixin believes that owner-occupied real estate market is the primary reason for the project to promote the Beijing property market quickly into the downstream channel.

Owner-occupied real estate in April officially launched, locked the three to four million homeowners scale customer base. From the historical data, the average annual overall turnover in Beijing about one hundred thousand units, and since the housing market so that three to four million people enter the wait state, the rigid housing demand has dropped significantly.

To help you choose the right room:

Rising property market era ended in the second half Ningbo worth buying real estate to sell a small set of Ningbo, the average price of 6000 yuan of existing homes have discovered the room was the first multi-storey house price 6000 yuan Ningbo / flat from Ningbo Eastern New City's tallest building nearing completion of another a scenic province longest "Green Belt" run around the cheap real estate Beilun recommended

Second, the limited credit policy is also an important reason. Second down payment loans of up to 70%, for most ordinary buyers, it is unbearable to improve housing demand has been suppressed in this session.

Meanwhile, the first half of most financial institutions are not sufficient amount of money, resulting in mortgage approvals, lending slowed, but also some impact on real estate sales.

Forecast: half prices fluctuate, but will not significantly reduce

"There will be slight fluctuations, but the second half may not be a drastic reduction in price." Ren Qixin over the second half of the property to make a judgment.

In Ren Qixin view, first, the cost of land determines the Beijing property market downside limited. Second, from the supply point of view, within the Fourth Ring scarce supply, the possibility of falling prices is unlikely. Supply of relatively new city in the area, not many mature, the same does not exist preconditions of declining prices.

From a historical level, after experiencing destocking in 2011, the Beijing property market has been in a relatively low inventory levels, currently probably around ninety thousand units from more than one hundred thousand sets a record high inventory is still some distance. Then from the perspective of the development of enterprises, Ren Qixin that companies exist to wait and see attitude, waiting to see the land market. If the business uses to run after the amount of the policy to achieve price payment, must put money into a new round of land purchase, in the present case does not appear significantly lower land prices, which would mean that there are likely to spend more money to buy the more the poor, the high prices mean high prices, in the current market conditions, the high price means high sales of difficulty, while high-risk means business.

Based on this understanding, Ren Qixin think housing prices are less likely to use a substantial price reduction half way to further stimulate sales.

Meanwhile Ren Qixin judgment: "the long term, prices must rise, next year might have gone up." Therefore, Ren Qixin suggested that in the case of the current window period has come, and who can be home buyers according to their needs.

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