iFeng Lists 10 Cities With Cheap Housing

10 Cities With Cheap Homes, Potential Appreciation, Will You Buy? 10大城市被指房价便宜 升值有潜力你会买吗? Click through for a photo of each city and a short description.

Here's the list:

Xiamen 14729元/㎡
Suzhou 11939元/㎡
Dalian 11062元/㎡
Qingdao 9107元/㎡
Wuhan 7645元/㎡
Kunming 8514元/㎡
Xi'an 6914元/㎡
Chengdu 7551元/㎡
Harbin 7148元/㎡
Chongqing 7202元/㎡

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