Chinese Investors Looking for A-Shares Bottom

A top headline in the finance section, A-shares may have bottomed, no need to be pessimistic again.

We tend to believe that, with the deleveraging into the future, A shares began injecting risk appetite. We fundamentals, outsole A shares may begin, that is, after August 25, we see a rebound, stocks began to see A bottoms, and is a big bottom, War Bear team came back, we believe that this pessimistic point should no longer go on. Then we made ​​a " Phoenix Nirvana, the road at the foot of "point of view.

The basic view is that the bear market is over, the next bull market in the future. It is a normal market, it may shock, will be adjusted. What are the characteristics of this market? Called the stock game, structural development.
iFeng: 任泽平:A股大底可能出现 这个时点不应再悲观

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