Housing Rescue Efforts Continue: Shanxi Province Cancels Buying Restrictions

Every restriction is canceled, including foreign ownership, number of homes, residency requirements and pre-sale price registration.
Which provides that the abolition of real estate purchase restrictions. Including the cancellation of the purchase of commodity housing copy number, residence, age and other restrictions; abolish commodity housing sales (pre) sale price reporting system; the lifting of restrictions on foreign institutions and individuals to purchase of commodity housing in the region.

Down payment and first time homebuyer mortgage interest is also cut:
The purchase of the first set of ordinary commercial housing households, financial institutions lending minimum down payment of 30% the proportion of funds, the interest rate limit is 0.7 times the benchmark rate.
Shanxi is the fourth province to cancel buying restrictions. Gansu, Sichuan and Anhui are the other three.

iFeng: 山西成中国第四个明文取消楼市限购省份

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