Real Estate Demand Upside From Successful 2-Child Policy, But Poll Shows Little Desire

iFeng: 二孩效应:5年后楼市或新增9亿平方米需求
According to Wei Planning Commission data, in line with the policy conditions of the country at this stage that about 90 million pairs of couples, assuming 50% of families will bear two children over the next 5 years, they will add 45 million people, nearly 9 million per year. At 20 square meters of housing per capita, it will add 900 million square meters of total demand, an increase of 180 million square meters per year.
Another impact would be the size of homes. Of course, the sticking point is whether fertility will actually rise.

At the bottom of the article is this survey. This is an online poll and the demographics of the respondents are unknown. The way the first question in Chinese is written, it is asking if people will have a second child, but the answer is written more vaguely. It says they would, but will consider the conditions. It is not a hard yes. On the other questions, Google translate gives a good approximation.

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