The Nationalization of the Yuan

The China Post: Yuan deposits fall for 4th consecutive month
Chinese yuan-denominated deposits held by Taiwan-based banks were down for the fourth consecutive month in May after banks cut their time deposit rates on the Chinese currency, according to the central bank.
Caution over the yuan's future direction also prompted investors to move their funds out of the yuan at a time when economic growth in China, the second largest economy in the world, has showed signs of moderating, the central bank said.

Yuan deposits, including negotiable certificates of deposit (NCDs), held by banks in Taiwan as of the end of May totaled 308.34 billion yuan (US$46.72 billion), down 2.483 billion yuan, or 0.8 percent, from a month earlier, according to central bank figures.

The end-of-May figure was the lowest since December 2014, when Taiwanese banks had yuan deposits of 302.27 billion yuan, the figures showed.
The trend is the same in Hong Kong, where time deposits are falling.

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