Venezuela Owes China $65 B, Media Asks: How Will They Pay?

Venezuela cannot even afford to buy paper to print the currency with, how can they repay the $65 billion owed China? Oil is the answer, but at this point, the main goal of the media is to prevent people from asking why China lent $65 billion to Venezuela in the first place.

It is reported that due to the confusion of hyperinflation, Venezuela now has the printing speed to keep up with the pace of price increases. Aside from oil, the country needs to import almost everything, paper for printing money is no exception. Therefore, after the collapse in oil prices cut the country's way of getting money, how to get enough paper to print money, it has become a problem.
The Chinese consulate reported looting is out of control. A former president's grave was looted, possibly just for the marble.
The cost of paper towels is 500 bolivars for 100 sheets, so it is cheaper to use 2 bolivar notes.

The People's Daily recently ran an article saying Venezuela won't welch on its debt.
June 11, "the People's Daily (Overseas Edition)" has issued Interpretation "Venezuela will not default on loans to China" issue. The official attitude is not.
The main reasons are: 1) the country's rich oil reserves, oil production and sales as long as normal operation, do not face economic collapse; 2) So far, no breach of the intention of Venezuela, "even in this very difficult economic circumstances, and in the first quarter it repaid 5 billion dollars on schedule."
About that oil: Venezuela Starts Power Rationing, Oil Production Likely to Fall. Back to the Sohu article:
People's Daily said Venezuela is sitting on the world's largest oil reserves, has proven reserves of about 300 billion barrels, accounting for 18% of the global total, it can be mined at least 300 years. According to data released by OPEC, Venezuela's oil production is currently about 250 million barrels / day, exports remained stable cash flow generated by the oil trade every day there are more than $ 80 million. As long as the situation is generally stable, oil production and sales in normal operation, Venezuela has the money to repay.
You'd think Chinese leaders would understand investing in actual socialism is a bad idea, given their experience. When Chavez died and was replaced by the bus driver, time was clearly running out.

Sohu: 印钱的纸都缺!委内瑞拉欠中国650亿美元拿啥还

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