Chongqing Financial Institutions Refuse Credit for RE Speculation

January 12, according to the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Land and Housing Bureau Web site news, recently, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Land and Housing Bureau issued a continuous maintenance of Chongqing real estate market sustained and stable development of relevant measures and strengthen the supervision of Chongqing as the main body of housing finance, ICBC Chongqing Branch, Chongqing Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Chongqing Branch of Bank of China, Chongqing Branch of Construction Bank, Chongqing Branch of Bank of Communications, Chongqing Branch of CITIC Bank, Chongqing Branch of Industrial Bank, Chongqing Branch of China Merchants Bank, Chongqing Branch of Chongqing Bank of Postal Savings Bank of China Agricultural banks, the Three Gorges Bank and other 12 financial institutions and the city housing provident fund management center, expressed firm support, and jointly issued a statement: against "real estate"!

Thirteen financial institutions, said a healthy and stable real estate market is the real estate development of the financial nature of the requirements, I hope the real estate market in Chongqing to maintain a healthy and stable development trend, do not want the real estate market ups and downs, resolutely opposed to all forms of real estate speculation and resolutely The implementation of the Chongqing real estate control policies, to take measures to combat the behavior of real estate speculators.

First, resolutely implement the Chongqing City real estate a series of regulatory policies on the "three noes" Lai Yu staff "real estate" credit not handle;

Second, on suspicion of driving up prices, hoarding and illegal businesses publish false information, to suspend business for housing mortgage loans and fund loans;

Third, continue to do the people's housing financial services, support of the masses living reasonable demand for the purchase, maintenance, Chongqing City real estate market is stable and healthy order.
iFeng: 重庆十三家金融机构联合发表声明:反对“炒房”!

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