Young People Still Flock to First-Tier Cities

This article in the top of the finance section at iFeng discusses why some second-tier cities have seen prices rise, but third- and fourth-tier cities are ignored by young workers. The verdict: third- and fourth-tier cities are boring.

iFeng: 为什么北上广的人赶不走 三四线城市却多空房?
First, large cities have a multi-city life. Compared to the big cities, small city life is very simple, even a look to the end of the way of life, which people have a feeling of suffocation, once the young people accustomed to a large city of diversified lifestyles, he It is difficult to adapt to the tedious life of small cities. Theoretically, only a population of more than five million to support from a performance of Western music as the main concert hall. Perhaps in the big city so that everyone accustomed to the bar, nightclubs, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls in the small city is almost hard to find luxury goods, lifestyle unbearable barren.

To give the most simple example, when the financial crisis in 2008, when many young people working in the eastern coastal areas choose to return home, but after a while but have come back, the reason is actually very simple to come back. Boys will say that in the small city of my cell phone with 4G signals are not, the girls will say, I even do a hair will not find a hair shop. Indeed, is such a way of life so that we understand more, perhaps not because the small city is not good, but already have a habit of life, not used to monotonous.

Second, large cities have more possibilities. As a result of population concentration and concentration, many industries and opportunities arise, some people have and Hange said, in his home city, basically can choose the way of life is civil servants, teachers, individual business, may be searched The city can not find any decent business or passionate work. However, a person's development needs are more opportunities and possibilities, in the small cities in front of the barren opportunities, many people will choose to leave.

Third, big cities have a more enlightened culture. China is a human society, this is a normal thing, we are big to the country, Han brother to study, the law school wall hanging on the Qing Dynasty Penalty a plaque, which says, "Tian Li country human", visible in the country Level will still be human as a very important thing. That small to say, whether it is family or business, are everywhere in the world. However, small cities due to lack of change, tend to pay more attention to human, more contempt rules. In the big cities may be as long as you act in accordance with the rules, basically can be easily done, but if in a small city, most likely not to find someone you will be difficult.

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