Japanese Firms Return as Chinese Wage Growth Slows

JETRO released its survey results for 4642 Japanese companies in 20 countries and regions in Asia Pacific last year. The results showed that 40.1% of the respondents expect to expand their business in China, compared with the previous year Increased by 2 percentage points, and this result is the first time since 2013 rose.

More importantly, China's labor costs have come to an end, making the Japanese manufacturing industry began to "return to China" trend. From 2015 to 2016, China's salary increase rate is 6.1%, in the Asia-Pacific 20 countries and regions among the 9th. 2017 is expected to control the annual 5.7%. Especially in the textile and other related industries such as clothing, re-evaluation of China's low cost of raw materials procurement, once again expanded production trends in China has emerged.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that, due to the aging population, the lack of successors is becoming increasingly serious, more and more SMEs in Japan began to seek "inheritance" in China. Japanese non-government investigation of the Empire of a survey, two-thirds of Japanese companies that lack of successors. From the scale of view, sales of less than 100 million yen in the small micro-enterprises, the lack of successor companies accounted for about 80% of the whole, to a very high level.
EO: 2017,日本人来了

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