Hebei Limits Alternative Energy Subsidies to Local Firms

Protectionism isn't only between national governments, but local as well. The main complaint against Baoding doesn't seem to be the buy local requirement though, rather it hasn't issued its policy yet. Baoding is a major producer of solar panels and the home of Yingli (YGE).
aoding, Hebei Province of eight companies still waiting Baoding Finance Bureau for a final version of the statement. According to the latter to the Economic Observer reported that although these users because of the "outside the province to buy" failed to enter the list of the first subsidies, but the Baoding Financial Bureau is actively self-financing, for batches, Home companies to subsidize the new energy bus.

On the 949 bus, a total of 3.9 billion in subsidies, when exactly, how to implement the eight companies in the view, the Finance Bureau still failed to come up with specific programs, Hebei Province, the relevant practices, Was unable to get subsidies as scheduled on the user labeled "local protectionism" label.
EO: 新能源补贴资金告急!外地车被挤出首批补贴名单

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