Li Keqiang Calls for Tax Cuts 3 Times in 2 Weeks

Maybe year 5 will produce results?

iFeng: 李克强半月三次谈减轻企业税负 这次透露了根本原因
"Why do we need to intensify efforts to small and micro enterprises tax cuts? Why should continue to promote the commercial system reform? These are to encourage entrepreneurship!" In the January 18 State Council executive meeting, Li Keqiang answered why he has been Concerned about tax cuts.

...January 13, Li Keqiang chaired a forum to listen to experts and scholars and business people on the "Government Work Report (Draft)" comments and suggestions. Li Keqiang said that this year to adhere to the government tighten the day to continue to compress general expenses for corporate tax cuts to make room for less this year to reduce fees and other non-tax burden on the market to have personal experience, the State Council to develop check.

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