China Says U.S. Violates WTO Rules

iFeng: 商务部:美方违反世贸规则,敦促纠正违规措施
According to the CCTV news client on March 22, on March 21, Geneva time, the WTO announced the report of the Panel of Experts issued by China against the US anti-subsidy measures (DS437) and ruled that all 11 counter-subsidy measures involving the US violated the WTO. rule. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce made a statement on this.

Both the original panel of experts and the appellate body in this case have ruled that the US counter-subsidy measures in violation of the WTO rules violate the rules of the WTO and require the US to correct its violations. However, the United States still ignores multilateral rules and continues to follow irregularities in the implementation of the WTO ruling. The ruling of the executive panel of experts demonstrated once again that the U.S. side violated WTO rules and repeatedly abused trade remedy measures, which seriously damaged the fairness and impartiality of the international trade environment and weakened the stability of the multilateral trading system.

China has consistently respected multilateral trade rules and opposes the abuse of trade remedy measures. China's enforcement of the lawsuit is to safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests, but also to safeguard the authority of the multilateral trading system and the seriousness of the rules.

The US counter-subsidy measures involved in the case have repeatedly been violated by the WTO and violated multilateral rules. China urges the US to take immediate and effective action to correct wrong practices in the investigation of countervailing subsidies against China and provide Chinese companies with a fair and stable international trade environment.

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