Potential Euroskeptic Alliance Leading in Italian Exit Polls

Express UK:Italian election results LIVE updates: Five Star Movement single LARGEST party - exit poll
Exit polls show former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right party and his far-right allies, Lega Nord, could emerge as the largest bloc in parliament but fall short of a majority.

While the anti-establishment Five Star Movement has emerged as the biggest single party, according to exit polls.

But they too do not look like they will secure enough support to form a government, pollsters said.
ZH: Euro Slides Amid 5-Star Surge, Possible Euroskeptic Government
According to the first official results, just like in Germany and Austria, there has been a surge in non-mainstream parties, with 5-Star potentially getting as much as 33% of the vote, and strong enough - at least on paper - to for a coalition government with the Northern League's 17.3% from the early count, creating the so-called "Euroskeptic coalition ", even as the establishment PD tumbles.
There's one other right-wing euroskeptic party, the Brothers of Italy (Fdl). If they joined with Lega in a coalition with 5-Star, that pushes the coalition to nearly 55 percent. Even if they give up a few points in final results, they could have a coalition here. Back in November:
The leader of the right-wing Northern League, Matteo Salvini, said last week, “I may give Beppe Grillo a call on election night if there are no clear winners” in the national elections.
Right now there is a clear winner: euroskeptic, anti-pension reform 5-Star and Lega. Will they choose to take power?

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