Nationalists Rising: Tax Cuts for Immigration Reductions in Australia?

Update: One Nation got very little for its vote. One Nation rolls on tax cuts for a tummy tickle

Originally post from March 18.

The Liberals want corporate tax cuts, but Australia's One Nation party says no more tax cuts for business and they hold the balance in the Senate.
Macrobusiness: The One Nation/Coalition deal that could rock Aussie politics
The upside for ON and the Coalition in this deal very obvious:

it would hand Pauline Hanson a spectacular win, consolidating her support;

but it would also position the Coalition right along side her, recapturing some big slice of ON preferences, without them having to get their hands dirty;

moreover, it would deliver a gigantic wedge to the Labor reform agenda as it handed the Coalition a housing affordability platform, a stronger wages platform, a growth platform, a fairness platform and the upper hand in environmental values, as well as strategic policy. Plus it would preserve negative gearing for the faithful.

Everything that Labor is campaigning on would come under extreme stress and every reform loser become a natural Coalition voter.

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