Ministry of Tech Releases Unicorn Company List That Includes Fraudsters and Loan Sharks

Sina: 科技部认证独角兽:点融网创始人任董事公司涉嫌诈骗
Recently, the unicorn became a hot word for the A-share market. Not only did the major exchanges throw out olive branches, the investment banking circle and the financial circle also looked forward to the introduction of the New Deal. The popularity of the A-share market was even more pronounced. The release of unicorns by the Ministry of Science and Technology itself is a good thing, but from this list, people can not help but find a few problems, so that investors are scared of a cold sweat.

...I. Lending Po scored 107.7 billion U.S. dollars to advance the top 10 unicorns

Borrowing loan, domestic P2P network loan platform. The business model is "acquaintance borrowing", no need to borrow money, platform users only need to lend money according to their familiarity and trust to the borrower. Lending treasure not only has a high overdue management fee, but its collection system is also "very deep." Naked bargaining, violence and intimidation ... to remove the spread model, acquaintances and risk control, lending Po's collection mode has also been questioned. It is reported that after the borrowers on the lending platform are overdue, they face multiple lenders such as lenders, lending and loan collection agencies or lending treasurers. If the company with such a prominent problem takes the fast track of A shares, it will inevitably affect the purity of the unicorn return.

  In addition to borrowing money, the unicorns announced also include Renren Credit, Microfinance, Point Fusion, and such small loan companies. Recently, the founder of the financial network was involved in the fraud storm.

...Point Ronghua founder Guo Yuhang or 220 people involved in the vortex was deceived more than 30 million

  According to the list of unicorns issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Point FusionNet has a valuation of US$1 billion, but the company’s founders have recently been involved in a fraudulent storm.

  According to China and P2P insider information, Guo Yuhang, the founder of Point Fusion Network (registered red envelope), was involved in the fraud vortex. Shanghai Jintong Advertising Co., Ltd., who was the director, suddenly complained by more than 220 investors that it was The company's "paid for you" went as low as tens of thousands of dollars and as much as several million dollars.

  In January 2016, Guo Honghang, the founder of DotRay.com, began serving as a director of Shanghai Jintong Advertising Co., Ltd. Obviously, Guo Yanghang, who was a lawyer, could not be unaware of “pay for you”. The fact that the business does not comply with regulatory regulations.

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