Buyers Aren't Moved by No Money Down in Nanjing

Nanjing has 39,000 homes in inventory and developers tried the no money down promotion this month, to little effect.

南京楼市库存达3.9万套 拼首付促销效果不佳
 Continued low volume, so Nanjing property developers anxious. Following the June 5 Poly Real Estate projects launched after the zero down payment promotion Nanjing, Nanjing multiple real estate began to make a fuss on the down payment. Though the developers tried to promotion, but the effect is not obvious, buyers wait and see mood even more intense. June 15, Nanjing, "online real estate" is displayed, Nanjing commercial housing stock of 38,000 put before a period rose to 39,000 units.

Yesterday (June 16), the real estate industry experts Zhang at the beginning of the "Daily Economic News ( microblogging ) , "told reporters," Since entering June, the average daily trading volume is even worse than in May. Against this background, In order to achieve a quick trip to the purpose of the inventory, developers had to use a powerful marketing tool, but only if sufficient financial strength of developers, small developers is difficult to bear the financial pressure. "

After the Nanjing Metro real estate project launched 80,000 yuan parking voucher promotion, Poly Real Estate on June 5 announced the project in Nanjing, all consumers purchase from the project, you only need to pay 50,000 yuan deposit, you can participate in zero down payment activities. June 15, located in the south section of Nanjing, a project launched to send down a promotion, the specific content of the opening day of the customer identification chips have a lucky draw, the prize money for the down payment source, about 100,000 yuan to 30 yuan.

In addition, Agile and gold project in Nanjing also has launched a one percent down payment activities. Despite the different requirements of buyers to pay off down the time, but these activities are outside the scope of the down payment installments, and did not reduce prices. Meanwhile, in the real estate will begin more aggressive promotional activities.

Though the developers tried to promotion, but the effect does not seem obvious. Nanjing online real estate statistics show that last week's Nanjing property market for the commodity housing 921 sets, 946 sets of transactions, the average purchase 131 sets, 135 sets of transactions, compared with the previous week, subscription and transaction were down there, dropped the subscription amount 30.84%, turnover decreased by 3.5%.

Nanjing over the weekend has only three real estate market, developers are given a great deal despite the discount rate, but sales site still appears cold field.

Zhang beginning that "developers promotional activities although to some extent, ease the financial pressure on buyers, but most real estate down payment to reduce its essence does not cut prices, coupled with the buyers wait and see situation now in volume in a short time will continue to decline. "

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