240 Day Window to Buy Real Estate

Three reasons to buy are given by “Youke Real Estate”. One, buying restrictions are in name only. Many cities have loosened in various ways, but haven't announced it publicly. Two, even though buying restrictions are reduced, credit restrictions are still in place. Furthermore, "Youke" doesn't think monetary policy will be eased. Third, developers recognize the situation and will cut prices. For these reasons, Youke thinks a buying opportunity will open up for the next 240 days. Although they don't say it in the article, Youke thinks 2014/15 will be like 2011/12 because that was roughly the length of the price decline period last time.

未来240天是最佳买房窗口 买房要抓准三个关键点
Shenyang City from June 10 to cancel the purchase is true. Developers authorities convened a meeting, verbally informed of this policy adjustments. According to those who attended the meeting to speak, did not hear limited to "Ring the" argument. Yau grams monarch that, even if the majority of the city to cancel the purchase, prices will not rise. But if you have to invest to buy a house, Yau grams chun reluctance to suggestions.

We do not want to misread. Yau grams monarch learned from multiple sources, Shenyang from June 10 to cancel the purchase is true. Developers authorities convened a meeting, verbally informed of this policy adjustments. According to those who attended the meeting say that there is no restriction to limit the hearing "within the Second Ring" argument.

Shenyang will not be officially released documents. Anyway, as long as you have the money, even before there are 10 suites, you can buy. As for the full amount of the loan or can, it is not able to be in Shenyang City, was decided by the bank.

Yau grams Jun believe that if the practice is not in Shenyang was stopped, and soon there will be other cities to follow up. In addition to the four first-tier cities, other cities have canceled canceled disguised restriction is not no such possibility.

Even Beijing, there are workarounds. It is said that Beijing will gradually relax housing the limit, especially high-end real estate. Hearing this news, several luxury developers hilarious.

If the number of cities and even the majority of the city to cancel the purchase, the real estate market will not turn up, recovery gained momentum in 2013 for crazy? Yau grams you not think that such a miracle will happen.

The first, including many cities, including Shenyang, the purchase has already existed in name only, just formalism. Announced the cancellation or refusal to perform, does not give the real estate market has brought substantial changes. But, the greatest courage in Shenyang. Other cities just fine-tuning, it first stand up, simply cancel.

Second, the purchase of canceled credit limit is still there. Shenyang, for example, even if you cancel the purchase, from the third set, the bank will not give loans to buy more suites of course, to the full amount. A friend might say, for example, the central bank and the CBRC have successively position, and to support the first set of mortgage money demand, the central bank announced on June 9 on the part of financial institutions to lower the deposit reserve ratio, monetary policy has been accommodative sign up.

Yau grams Jun disagree turned loose monetary policy views, but do not agree with the viewpoint of real estate credit turned loose , but also that, if the banks can indeed "strongly supported" the first suite loan demand will drive growth in turnover. I said before the property market "spring" refers to transactions rather than house prices rebound. This rebound is insufficient to support the property market suddenly turns up from the adjustment.

Thirdly, the developers do not misjudge the situation, and turned prices. Cancel the purchase, in theory, will greatly increase the potential number of people to buy a house, but it does not mean they will immediately enter the market. Yau grams monarch advice is to cancel the purchase, the limit of the city, the number of developers like to take groups of potential buyers suddenly enlarged opportunities, starting price, a large number of shipments. Store room, price increases, the harvest will be just empty joy.

Fourth, the best buy windows about to quietly open. So far, the king insisted Yau grams is the view of the next 240 days of the purchase window, once national developers start price, demand has since lived rigid demand, especially friends, to the best market timing.

Some of my friends in the background message, says he's not just, but much deliberation, still feel safe to buy a house, and asked the king Yau grams have any suggestions? Yau grams jun understand that they may be invested, it may be speculative, short little spare cash, while watching Yau grams monarch article is a man of taste, loss of spare cash the government will not take to the streets to add to the trouble, so venture to say a few .

First, the core of urban real estate. First choice and second-tier cities focus on urban areas. For example, Beijing's Fourth Ring within. Four-tier cities where there is no scarcity of resources, do not Qucourenao. Even in 2008, the core of the city's housing prices have only dropped slightly, even just stagflation.

Second, the education estate. This year, Beijing primary and secondary school district reform, strict nearest school, once again highlights the value of real estate education. However, with the dilution of educational resources (teachers and students), the school district near the famous house prices will fall, by which time it wants to sell the house.

Third, the "policy of real estate." Kwan Yau gram words are coined, meaning that the policy will greatly benefit from the estate. For example, with the Shanghai real estate since the concept of free trade zone. Recent approval of the Central suspend FTA country, but the king remains stubbornly Yau grams recommendations to you, pay close attention to real estate these two places: Zhuhai Hengqin, Fujian Pingtan. Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan FTA, it should have a certain priority. This much explanation.

Thus the market, at your own risk. Make money, you can not come, please Yau grams Jun dinner.

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