Secret Behind 4 Ghost Cities in China

Two of these were covered this week on the blog, one in Shenmu and one in Tianjin. Three of the developments here are luxury villas. Shenmu suffered from overbuilding and a collapse in the economy. Baodi in Tianjin failed to secure a high speed rail stop. Yasha in Shandong was built very quickly after the 2006 Asian Beach Games for tourists, but they seldom use the homes and locals don't live there. Finally, in Kunming there is a new district. Many homes are sold, but owners also have homes in Kunming proper, so they don't move.

Shenmu New Village, occupancy rate ZERO.

Baodi, Tianjin, occupancy rate 10%.

Chenggong New District, Kunming, occupancy rate: most below 30%

Yasha City, Shandong, occupancy rate 20%, only 10% in winter.

Property troubled times looming in numerous various viewpoints about the property behind, is accompanied by Chinese real estate dispute is not all the way off the golden years of the "ghost town" story. Take a look at the failure of China's four ghost password.

Shenmu Village: "stranded" in lending crisis

● Location: Northern Shaanxi Shenmu city about six kilometers

● Area: an area of ​​11.3 square kilometers, with a total construction area of ​​3,000,000 square meters

● Planning Capacity: plans to build 16,000 housing units, which can accommodate thousands of people

● start time: 2006

● Occupancy: Zero

● Reason: coal slump caused by the collapse of private lending market, eventually leading to the construction of stagnation

When Shenmu Village development, it is the golden period of Shenmu coal economy. Coal economy spawned a 2000 billionaires, but also generated a lot of hot money, the main flow of the property market and the private lending market. From 2010 to 2011, the local property market, false prosperity, property prices soared. Some speculators get the numbers, a number can sell a million. A mansion in the middle of a good house, one square meter sold 11,000, significantly higher than the provincial capital of Xi'an, the sale price.

In 2010, prices soared, while private lending boom across the sacred trees throughout the city, in 2012, after the collapse of private lending market Shenmu, a lot of hot money "evaporate", a sharp drop in prices. Ultimate real estate construction stalled.

Lending crisis had a massive city built this movement stalled.

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Beijing and Tianjin Metro: selling "ghost town"

● Location: Located in the hinterland of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan City, the center of the three, 110 kilometers from Beijing's city center, 50 km Tianjin, Tangshan city center 80 km

● Area: 260 square kilometers vision is

● Planning Capacity: "Asia's largest villa zone "vision over 8,000 villas, built about 3000 currently sets; expected to accommodate three hundred thousand population

● start time: 2004

● Occupancy: Only one percent

● Cause: The main customers are from Beijing, but did not pass baodi high iron, high transport costs; shortage supporting; lack of business, less jobs

In Tianjin Baodi, there is a so-called "Asia's largest villa zone" of Beijing and Tianjin Metro [ News Price apartment review ]. Because of such factors as location, opened 10 years ago, the occupancy rate is very low, the outside world as a "ghost town," said.

Here's an early customers from all over the country, the main purpose is to settle down to buy a house, investment and so on. Currently customers are mainly from Beijing, between the ages of four or five years old, the cause of a modicum of success. The actual household rare.

Selling ghost town, when we can heap up?

Chenggong New Area: Living in the famous "ghost town" in

● Location: Yunnan Kunming

● Area: 461 square kilometers, the core area of ​​160 square kilometers

● Planning Capacity: 2020 up to 95 million people, is now the resident population of about 350,000

● start time: 2003 started in 2005 entered a substantive construction

● Occupancy: The official said the completed residential district 17, both occupancy rates exceed 90%; reporter found that resettlement area occupancy rate of over 90%, the highest residential building common with just over 50%, the majority of residential occupancy rate at 30% The following

● Reason: resource mobilization and privileges approval inadequate capacity problems Area planning to build residential property owners, mostly in the main city there is room, etc.

In 2003, the Yunnan provincial government held a "Kunming Urban Planning and Construction site office," and proposed "a lake four and two city" concept. Since then become the new Kunming Chenggong of "a", as Kunming East, locate new industrial area, research and cultural and educational areas of modern logistics and business center.

New master plan completed in 2003, in 2005 entered a substantive stage of construction. In 2007, University City, and 13 administrative service building built, schools have been moved, but the government has repeatedly delayed relocation. Some media reports said the main reason is that travel, medical care, food and other facilities inadequate, civil servants collective boycott. Although in 2008 the Yunnan provincial government made ​​a major adjustment to the new area, the entire Chenggong 461 square kilometers of land are included in the construction area, but the government is still slow relocation market impact evaluation Chenggong investment environment. February 2010 it was the British " Financial Times "as a sample.

With the government's move, Chenggong New Area can get rid of the title ghost town?

Shandong Haiyang: Seasonal Coolness

● Location: Shandong Peninsula

● Size: Jasa city planning area of ​​20 square kilometers, 41 square kilometers of land, in new construction area of ​​1.6 million square meters

● Planning Capacity: 2020 population of 350,000

● start time: After the 2006 Asian Beach Games will be held to determine, then began a large-scale support and "making the city" movement

● Occupancy: Some residential occupancy rate of less than 10% in winter, mature cells, only 20% reported that

● Reason: construction time is short, the buyers are mostly foreigners on vacation

In 2006, the "3rd Asian Beach Games" OK 2012 held in Haiyang. The local government of the Games hold great expectations, and housing construction began supporting Jasa Council, a new city starts.

As a tourist resort real estate new city after nightfall design, into a piece of villas and apartment buildings plunged into darkness, and some are not lit the entire estate, most real estate only twenty-three stay. Old City residents do not want to live in the town. Seasonal resort property, resulting from ghost town.

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