Bejing to Have First Residential Land Auction in 100 Days

Bids will be accepted starting June 30, the sale will be on July 14.

北京最新挂出两宗住宅用地 缓解长达100天“饥渴
Phoenix real estate news today, the Phoenix real estate websites from the Beijing Land Bureau was informed that, on June 10, the official hang out two residential sites are located in Shahe Town, Changping District, Shunyi New Town 21 blocks . This is the first time since March the supply of new land, the land for the merchandise in 100 days after the "release", causing the industry concern.

Residential land freshly baked alleviate land "hungry"

It is reported that 2 February 28, after the Beijing Economic and Technology Development Zone Road East E2F-1 block F3 other kind of multifunctional land construction land use right transfer announcement, Beijing land market business land into the "frozen", no land. " New "came out, the market is" eating the old "state," hungry "for up to 100 days.

However, on June 10, two operating sites to hang out, to ease the land market, "hungry", but also "crushed" the "ice." Learned from the transfer notice, the amount of plots will be July 14 on-site auction. The listing to sell the parcel of land to set a reasonable ceiling price when the bid price quoted to a reasonable limit land, no longer accept a higher offer, turned in this price basis.

Worth is important to note that, in the context of a clear standard of protection of housing construction unit, through on-site construction of affordable housing offsite competing newspaper way to determine the area of ​​bidder, protection of housing construction standard price of 10,000 yuan / square meter. Difficult to see from the bidding, the fresh-baked land itself would not deserve the protection of housing construction, it is learned, this is since 2014, the year for the first time since the housing with the construction of non-residential land sites.

5 May the land market "scarcity" of housing prices or constitute "land grab"

According to the land market performance, just past 5 months, only four land transactions, and are integrated land, filling the downturn trend. According to LaSalle Bank data show that 2014 years 5 months, Beijing land market total construction area is 11.52 square meters, with a total planned construction area of 46.65 million square meters, a decline of 86.49% , down 58.82% , total turnover 58.45 billion yuan, decreased 80.69% , down 28.37% .

In the transaction price, the land premium in Beijing in May reached 5.85 billion, down 21.09 billion qoq, down 78.3%, representing a decrease of 2.12 billion, a decline of 26.6%. However, the analysis can be obtained from the transaction price, monthly average turnover of 21.616 million yuan / mu, up 8.585 million yuan / mu, an increase of 65.9%, rose 12,668,000 yuan / mu, an increase of 141.6%.

Star Real Estate Institute believes that land prices continued to rise, public housing prices in Beijing property market is still confident, enthusiastic wins to continue to rise, the growing scarcity of land are willing to drop heavily to buy land.

The first four months staged peak of land transactions intended to plan or stimulus "second spring"

Compared to five months, "deserted", the first year 4 months continuous high temperature of the land market in stark contrast, dividing the "Addict" quarantine line. The entire 4 months, the land market "career Hengda" smooth sailing. Beat frequency is also maintained to once a week, each focused on land supply also learned a lot, just four months, the land of gold amounted to $ 271.1 suck billion.

April 24, the peak performance of the land market, and its focus on launching six plots, after which it six blocks smooth transaction, Beijing 2014 land transfer revenue has exceeded 100 billion yuan, up 106.963 billion yuan.

In terms of new land supply, from 3 since March, Beijing will be no new land supply. Under the Land "interrupted", the 5 May 30 , the Beijing Municipal Land Bureau announced in 2014 the first batch of goods to be supplied to residential and commercial use. Intended to supply a total of 80 plots were a land area of about 1046 hectares.

In 80 cases the supply of land, including the 48 cases of commodity residential land and 32 cases of commercial use, the land area of 618 hectares and 428 hectares, together accounting year 1550 hectares of land for 67.4% of operating plans .

Beijing Centaline Dawei, chief analyst analysts believe that the new plan for the recent emergence of Beijing will ease the shortage of land supply, ease market concerns about tight supply and demand. Insiders also believe that Beijing intends for the program, or to stimulate the land market will usher in a "second spring."

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