Buying Restrictions Eased. Not!

Last week's headline:
住建部:限购对百姓无影响 没城市公开取消
(Ministry of Housing: Buying Restrictions Have No Effect on Average Buyers; No City Has Openly Cancelled Buying Restrictions)

That article quoted Feng Jun, chief economist at the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as saying no city had cancelled restrictions.

Yesterday: Chinese city axes some curbs on home purchases
The northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang has scrapped some curbs on home purchases in a move to support its sluggish real-estate market, agents and consultants said.

Today: 沈阳限购松绑仅维持一天 业内:松绑难扭转楼市低迷
(Shenyang Deregulation Lasts One Day)

So one Chinese city openly cancelled buying restrictions. For one day.

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